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Fluffy Furry Fuzzy Slippers

Fluffy Furry Fuzzy Slippers

Fluffy Furry Fuzzy Slippers

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Fluffy Furry Fuzzy Slippers

Perhaps the only thing that could feel better on your feet than alpaca socks are these alpaca slippers! Soft and comfortable on the inside, fun and reinforced on the outside. You’ll have Happy Feet every time you wear these alpaca slippers! 

Select from available sizes by number below. Alpaca slippers have a bit of give to them so the sizes shown below should be considered mid ranges:

01 - Girl Size 3 1/2, Boy Size 2, International 34
02 - Women Size 6, Men Size 4 1/2, International 36
03 - Women Size 7 1/2, Men Size 6, International 38
04 - Women Size 9, Men Size 7 1/2, International 40
05 - Women Size 10, Men Size 8 1/2, International 42
06 - Women Size 10 1/2, Men Size 9, International 43
07 - Women Size 12, Men Size 10 1/2, International 44
08 - Women Size 13 1/2, Men Size 12, International 46

Please note, these are house slippers. Soft alpaca leather soled, for longest life we recommend you do not wear them on rough abrasive surfaces like outside cement walkways. 

Materials: 100% alpaca, alpaca hide leather bottom, fur inside as well. 



The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn... It really doesn't get better than Tsubo Shoes!


The heels are always on point when it comes to looking good on my nights out. Thanks Tsubo Shoes!


Perfect fit and even better look. I fall in love everytime I look in the mirror!


Excellent quality and the shoes were at my house within a week! Even in the middle of a pandemic! Thanks for being so reliable Tsubo! 

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